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You deserve to keep your Mitsubishi car or SUV running in its best form. Whether you drive your children to school, carpool to work, or run errands around Boise, you need a safe and reliable vehicle. You can trust Bronco Motors Mitsubishi to handle all your car care needs at our Nampa Mitsubishi service center.

Why Service?

Mitsubishi vehicles come with luxurious interiors, premium-grade engines, and sturdy brake systems. As such, many owners want to know the best way to keep their favorite vehicle clean and running smoothly. The best place to start is knowing the different components within your vehicle that need frequent maintenance. Below is a breakdown of the different services we offer to Mitsubishi drivers in Nampa.

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Battery Service

The battery is a crucial piece of your vehicle. It gives your vehicle the power it needs to start and acts as a surge protector for delicate electronics within its interior. You can gauge your Mitsubishi battery's health by visiting one of our excellent mechanics. A battery load test verifies the battery can hold a charge at various temperatures. If the battery fails, no sweat; we can install a new one on the spot. Our team members have a lot of experience working with Mitsubishi vehicles and can swiftly diagnose issues with your vehicle's battery, resulting in an exemplary customer service experience.

Oil Changes

Most people know they should get an oil change every so often. Your Mitsubishi's engine is a complex piece of machinery. It remains filled with fast-moving parts that slam into one another at high speeds. The heat generated by the friction of these parts slamming together will eventually cause lasting damage to the engine. This problem can get remedied with fresh engine oil, which provides lubrication to the different pieces of machinery, decreasing the rate at which damage accumulates. The oil gets broken down steadily by heat and pressure in place of the engine's machinery.

Thankfully, replacing engine oil is a simple process and one our team can provide efficiently. We can also provide an accurate date for when your Mitsubishi will need another oil change so you can take on the roads around Caldwell with confidence.

Brake Services

Many people neglect servicing their brakes to the detriment of their vehicle. Your vehicle is heavy, and stopping it requires the cooperation of many pieces of heavy-duty equipment. As daily use erodes your brake system's integrity and burns through brake fluid, your stops will become rougher and more difficult to gauge, and the brakes may start to squeak loudly as well. Naturally, your Mitsubishi's brakes are going to require maintenance as time passes.

The most crucial brake service is replacing the brake fluid. Over time, brake fluid becomes dirtier and less effective. A fresh supply will provide superior lubrication and reduce the likelihood of damage accrual.

Our team can provide timely and efficient brake services for your Mitsubishi. Premium flushes and replacement services are available for your vehicle, allowing you to get back to your errands around Eagle. We can also assess the health of your brake system's various components. If something is wrong or in imminent danger of failure, we can provide a timely solution right away.

Tire Services

It's important to ensure your Mitsubishi's tires are full and properly installed. Our team can provide many tire services, including replacement, refilling pressure, general maintenance, and rebalancing. Each of these services provides tangible benefits for your driving experience. For example, poorly filled tires can result in an uneven and tumultuous handling experience, something an inspection and servicing would rectify.

It's no secret there are a lot of options for servicing your Mitsubishi near Meridian. We think we're your best bet; our Mitsubishi service team is knowledgeable, experienced, and excited to provide you with a fantastic experience. Likewise, we have a ton of experience with Mitsubishi vehicles, which means we can tailor the servicing experience to the brand-specific maintenance requirements of your vehicle. Inexperienced mechanics will provide a noticeably inferior service in the long run. Come to our shop right away to get your Mitsubishi back in top form with our exceptional service options.


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